Cold War Assault

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ArmA: Cold War Assault (previously known as Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis) is one of the most realistic war shooters of yesteryear. After a battle between Codemasters and Bohemia Interactive over licensing, Bohemia lost their license to the Operation Flashpoint name, however due to a recently expired contract they were able to repatch their classic Operation Flashpoint game to be branded under the ArmA name.

ArmA: Cold War Assault is a tactical shooter and battlefield simulator video game developed by Bohemia Interactive Studio. Set on a group of fictitious islands in 1985, the game puts the player on one of three sides in a hypothetical conflict between American and Soviet forces.

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Pentium II 400 CPU
16 bit DirectX compatible Soundcard
DirectX 8.0
compatible 3D graphics card with 16Mb RAM
800Mb Hard Drive space (after installation)

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