Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires USA

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Most readers interested in Dynasty Warriors should recognize my name by now, because I’ve become the default reviewer at IGN for most KOEI titles since I joined up with the editorial staff. Having played and reviewed a good number of Warriors games in the past two years, it was no surprise that Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires came my way, bringing with it all the ancient Chinese battles and button-mashing that gamers have come to expect.

The original Dynasty Warriors 6 launched early last year and I wasn’t a huge fan of the experience, even though developer Omega Force attempted to “innovate” a few of the game’s aging battle systems. Now, Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires is here to add a strategic element to the formula in order to create yet another spin-off for Dynasty Warriors fans to gobble up. Fortunately, the strategy added to Empires really helps the overall experience and I must admit that this game is quite a bit better than its predecessor. But keep in mind that despite having several positive additions, Empires is nowhere near perfect. The fundamentals of combat are still repetitive and they’re still unexciting.
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