Hooligans Storm Over Europe

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With the obvious exception of girls kissing, there is no finer sight than grown men of limited intelligence punching each other hard about the face and neck in the name of association football. Admit it. If there’s ever a sniff of football-related scandal on the news, you’re glued to the screen, revelling in the sight of drunken youths running amok in some foreign land. It’s great television, and the media are only too aware of this, giving heavy rotation to the slightest hint of bother. The papers fill countless pages with it, generally describing a bit of chair-throwing as an unstoppable orgy of violence. Those same newspapers that whipped up a frenzy during Euro 2000 have been frothing at the mouth about Hooligans: Storm Over Europe, expressing their moral outrage by effectively providing free advertising for the game.

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Pentium II 300MHz Processor
6-Bit DirectX compatible Sound Card
4MB DirectX compatible Video Card
300MB Hard Disk Space
DirectX 8.0

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