International Cricket 2010 FREE FULL VERSION PC GAMES Information
Take your game to the next level with International Cricket 2010.
With players, stadiums and kit officially licensed by the England
and Wales Cricket board and Cricket Australia, and commentary from
the BBC’s Jonathan ‘Aggers’ Agnew and legendary bowler Shane Warne,
it doesn’t get much more authentic than this.
International Cricket 2010 delivers a new Power Stick feature, an
intuitive 360 batting system, which gives you maximum batting
control on the field. Meanwhile the Action Cam brings you closer
than ever to the action and excitement of Test and Twenty20
cricket, tournaments and more.
Time to break out your whites and step into the crease.
Playable Regions: PAL
SplitVid, SSv2!

The new Action Cam will immerse players in all the on-pitch drama, intensity and excitement of fiercely competitive international cricket. Supplementing traditional broadcast views, players can now feel the satisfaction of smashing home 90mph+ deliveries and experience the thrill of thundering down the track to bowl from Action Cam’s new on-field perspectives.
* Power Stick Gives batsmen 360 analogue power and direction control, Power Stick enables the widest selection of shots, from pushing quick singles to gaps in the field to risky shots and everything in between.
* Officially licensed by the England and Wales Cricket Board and Cricket Australia to feature official players, stadia and kits
* A wide range of game modes including new instant tournaments.
* A comprehensive player editor enables gamers to put themselves into the game and the squad editor allows players to edit the player name, appearance, team and attributes of all athletes
* Gamers can compete as any of the expanded roster of 16 nations at an improved selection of 21 stadia around the world, including Lord’s, the Home of Cricket. FREE FULL VERSION PC GAME(S) Screen Shots FREE FULL VERSION PC GAMES Trailer

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