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When the game is on the line and the ball is in your hands what will you do? Will you penetrate drive the lane and rise above the rim for a monster dunk or find an opening on the perimeter and sink a game-winning three? Take control of the game with a full arsenal to win the one-on-one match-up from every spot on the floor with NBA LIVE 08.

Taking a page out of NBA STREET Homecourts book NBA LIVE 08 introduces Quickstrike Ballhandling. This intuitive gameplay mechanic is mapped to the right analog stick and gives you the direct responsiveness you need to perform a full repertoire of ankle-breaking ball-handling moves that let you dominate on the perimeter.

Pass the ball inside and win the battle in the post with all-new own the paint post play for the big men down low. Use the new shot-countershot control to string together combos of fakes and shots to fool your defender into committing and create space for the game-defining bucket.

Providing an unrivaled level of authenticity to the sport NBA LIVE 08 introduces hot spots where real NBA shot data is used to illuminate the locations on the floor where your players are most effective. Couple this with all-new signature go-to moves that capture the essence of the NBAs best and you can now play the game on a console like you see it from the stands.

On the perimeter in the paint and with complete authenticity to the sport of basketball dominate with your go-to move with NBA LIVE 08.

Own the PaintPut the ball in the hands of your big men and go head-to-head in the lane. With all-new moves and counters including pump fakes drop-steps and spins post play has never been better.
Whos Hot Whos Not Using actual NBA shot tracking data know who to feed and who to defend based on a shooters hot spots an all-new on-screen overlay showing you exactly where a player is most dangerous.
Dominate with Your Go-To MoveEvery player has a go-to move that they consistently go to when the game is on the line. Now the signature go-to moves of the NBAs best players have been realistically re-created to help you to score when it counts. That patented step back jumper? A fadeaway with the big leg kick? If its in the game its in the game.
NBA All-Star WeekendThrow down a monster dunk in the slam dunk competition or play with youre a team comprised of your favorite NBA superstars in the NBA All-Star game.
Dynasty Mode EnhancementsAll-new Dynasty Scenarios allow even the casual gamer to immerse themselves into Dynasty Mode. Dont feel like playing full games? Now you can customize your experience and play out a specific game scenario.
FIBA World Championship Mode Compete in an eight team international tournament using authentic FIBA rosters and teams including the United States Spain France and more.
ESPN Integration* The worldwide leader in sports will keep you up to date in the world of sports from the in game scrolling sports ticker ESPN Radio and ESPN News.

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Pentium III 1.3 GHz 512 MB RAM graphic card 64MB (GeForce 4 or better) 4 GB HDD Windows XP.

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