Stunt GP pc [Full ISO/Racing/2001]

Team 17 is famous for the Worms series–the timeless turn-based strategy game with countless iterations. Stunt GP is the latest project out of the UK-based studio, and it’s been in the works, in some form, for quite some time. It was originally intended as a Dreamcast game, though after some hopping about, it ended up in Titus’ lap, and it was decided that the PC was the ideal platform for it. But for all this drama leading up to its release, Stunt GP doesn’t really have a whole lot going for it. The game was never too solid to begin with–aside from its amusing track design and decent customization elements, there really isn’t anything much there in regard to actual compelling gameplay.

In Stunt GP, you race remote-controlled cars on huge, twisty electric-toy-track-styled courses. The events are straight-up races, in which you take on a series of AI-controlled drones for a few longish laps. The tracks themselves are the game’s most inspired element. Most of them resemble roller coaster tracks more than anything else, and many of them get pretty outlandish. Ramps, bumps, and other protrusions litter most of the courses, and these serve as the catalysts for Stunt GP’s trick element… FREE FULL VERSION PC GAME(S) Screen Shots FREE FULL VERSION PC GAMES Trailer FREE FULL VERSION PC GAMES System Requirement


Minimum CPU Type: Pentium
Minimum CPU Speed: 200 MHz
Minimum RAM Required: 32 MB
Graphics Type: VGA
Color Depth: 256 Colors

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